The 11:11 Phenomena

I was thirteen years old when I began to see the number 11. I thought it was strange.

I would wake up through the night and turn to see the time: 1:11, 2:11, 3:11… It became a game. I would wake and not look at the clock. I’d wait a few minutes then, sure enough, it would be 4.11, 5:11… It always won.

I see 11:11 morning and night. I see 11 on car number plates, receipts, book page numbers and clocks, especially clocks.

Even as a child, I have always been a very analytical person. It took me nearly a year to analyse the situation and know it was more than “just a co-incidence”.

It meant something.

I remember the day I finally said to my mother, “I keep seeing the number 11.”

She kinda sniggered.

I asked friends if they ever see the same number?

They sniggered too.

So, I just kept it to myself, my private secret in my own little world. In those ‘old days’ I didn’t have a computer so I couldn’t talk to anyone about it or research it.

20+ years passed.

Then, one day, I was researching for my novel, 2012 The Final Revelation and I came across a conversation about 2012. Buried in the middle, was one small comment; “Does anyone ever see 11:11? I see it all the time!

I froze.

Someone else sees it! Then I did a google search and was amazed. This experience, which I believed was so unique to me, is shared by thousands of other people all over the world. In the last five years, the subject has grown and, personally, I am seeing 11 more frequently.

It’s getting stronger.


Over the years I’ve heard many weird, wacky and wonderful reasons people believe why we see 11:11. I’ve also had many debates and discussions with skeptics who claim it’s a load of rubbish and only a co-incidence.

It is no co-incidence. As a normal, sane person 😉 I can tell you that this phenomenon is real. I do not ‘actively’ look for the number.

I do not search for 11, it finds me.


Why do only some people see it?

What else might we all have in common?

Do other unusual things happen to us?

Will 11/11/2011 have any significance? What about December, 21st 2012 (1+2+2+1+2+0+1+2 = 11)? At 11:11am on that date, the winter solstice sun hitsStonehenge. Is that significant?

I believe, one day soon, we will finally find out.

What are your thoughts and experiences?

My tattoo 🙂 Spot the 11:11!

Spot 11:11 on my book cover


6 years to write a novel, then you wait for the reviews… #amwriting

I believe there is a comparison between creating a novel and having a child. Although I carried my little lump around for 6 years, when I held a real book in my hand it felt like my own child that I knew and loved.

I created it.

So precious, so beautiful.

Once it’s born you wait for the reviews. “So cute!” “Looks just like you!”

So, every so often, I visit my Amazon page and see if a new one has been posted. I can see the review count at the top of the page and, when the count has gone up, I freeze…

Then, I nervously scroll down and read it…

Are they going to tell me my baby is ugly?  :-O

I’ve had 20 reviews and so far, so good. When I read them I smile, say “Thank you God,” and feel happy that people liked my story. All that effort was worth it.

They think my baby is cute.

I love reading. I have always been fascinated with an authors imagination and the incredible ability to create stories. I especially love those ‘special’ books, the ones when, late at night, I’m tired and say: “Get to the end of this chapter Lisa, then you can sleep,” then I keep reading, “Just one more chapter…”

I wanted to write a story like that, a story that would be hard to put down.

Did I achieve it? I’m not sure yet. It is still early days.

Every book, even the best ones, get good and bad reviews. One day, I will receive a bad one.

It lurks there now, waiting…

Your book is ugly.

I don’t like your book.

How will I feel when I read it? I honestly don’t know. I do understand that all comments, especially the critical ones, become part of the learning process. This is my first novel and like any new author, we improve with time and experience.

I say that now, trying to sound strong!

I will let you know my reaction when it happens 😉 It will make for a funny blog!

Although a few of my Amazon reviews are from people I know, the majority are from strangers. Thank you! If you happen to be reading this, I really appreciate your feedback and for taking the time to put up a review. It means the world to me xx

Have any of you received a bad review? What did it feel like? Were you sad, angry or hurt?

What should I be prepared to feel?

Cheers, Lisa

Beat the odds! #amwriting

Did you know that, statistically, 95% of writers do not complete their first novel?

What a staggering thought!

Does that mean they have multiple unfinished manuscripts lurking around?

I don’t know how true that 95% figure is? I only remember reading that when I began writing my first novel and I kept that figure in my head.

If anything, it made me more determined to succeed.

It is not a failure to stop. There is no doubt that writing a novel is a hard endeavor to pursue and there may be many legitimate reasons people do not finish it.

  1. Life takes over. Writing is a time consuming process. I don’t think people realise how incredibly hard it is.
  2. Writing can be a lonely, isolated task. If the story is in your head, only you can write it. It is not going to miraculously write itself, you have to sit down and spends hours, weeks and months of your life writing.
  3. Doubts set in. “I’m not a good enough writer,” or “the story is not good enough.”
  4. There is little “immediate reward.” After an initial purge of thought, the story can take a very long time to look like the final product.

Most new writers may feel some of those thoughts at some stage in their writers’ journey. The key is to understand that you will have these moments and you need to make the decision to fight and continue on, or, be one of the 95% who decide to stop.

Even if you stop, remember nothing is wasted. It is all part of the learning process. It is not a failure to give up that first attempt.

My advice would be to believe in yourself. Be determined to be one of the 5% who do complete their first novel. If, it turns out, you’re not happy with that first story, start your second, then third.

The fact you started a novel means you are a writer and you have stories to tell, so write.

I am one of the 5%! If I can do it, anyone can…

Are you currently writing your first novel or, are you one of the 5% who finished their first?

Do you have multiple unfinished stories sitting on the bookshelf? How much did you get through before you stopped? Will you go back and complete it one day?


Lisa Flaus

The Writers Toolbox #amwriting

There is something very special and magical about fictional writing. One can create an imaginary world with the stroke of a pen.

We writers can go back in time or travel into the future. We can cause joy or pain. We can create incredible characters and supernatural creatures living in breathtaking new worlds.

We have the power to write about the impossible, the unbelievable and the un-imaginable – and make it feel real.

Our words can give a character a superpower, set a beautiful scene, summon a butterfly to sit on a finger, have two people fall in love with a glance and invent new concepts.

We have the power.

A vivid imagination is a key item in our Writers’ Tool Box.


Lisa Flaus