My book is due to arrive in the post any day. EEeekkk…

I have prepared myself by getting out a copy of my manuscript.  It is sitting on the coffee table looking at me. I’ve worked on that for nearly 6 years. It is a mothership of a thing, 500+ pages of word document.

I have lived and breathed every sentence. I have reviewed it 100 times. I know every word off by heart.

When the parcel arrives I will wait until I am alone,  pour a glass of wine and savour the moment when I open it and hold a “real” book in my hand.

That “moment” will be one of the best in my life…

#writers journey

Only another writer can understand this journey. Now I am about to hold my own novel and wanted to let others know that although sometimes it seems like such a long, hard road, never give up.

If I can do it, anyone can.

#writers journey

I never realized when you write a novel, you have to “become” your characters.

I had to walk in Andrew’s shoes – living in a rainforest, discovering amazing things…

I needed to understand Kathryn – live in her silent world, feeling her fear and loneliness.

I had to see through their eyes, smell and hear everything.

A writers life is such an adventure!! 😉

Kuta the naughty cat…

Kutacat sleeps on everything you didn’t want her to sleep on. She must have a “what will annoy Lisa the most?” radar.

She snoozes on my freshly folded clothes (preferably black), my keyboard, my paperwork or my head when I’m sleeping…

Today my nice pair of shoes was her nap spot.

She always comes over for a pat when I’ve just painted my nails – leaving me in a dilemma…

The #writersjourney

I am waiting for what will be one of the best moments in my life. My printed, bound novel is being sent to me for a final approval.

It took me nearly 6 years from concept, planning, research, writing, editing and publishing.

It was my dream to hold my ‘own’ book in my hand.

Nearly there Lisa, nearly there…