Beat the odds! #amwriting

Did you know that, statistically, 95% of writers do not complete their first novel?

What a staggering thought!

Does that mean they have multiple unfinished manuscripts lurking around?

I don’t know how true that 95% figure is? I only remember reading that when I began writing my first novel and I kept that figure in my head.

If anything, it made me more determined to succeed.

It is not a failure to stop. There is no doubt that writing a novel is a hard endeavor to pursue and there may be many legitimate reasons people do not finish it.

  1. Life takes over. Writing is a time consuming process. I don’t think people realise how incredibly hard it is.
  2. Writing can be a lonely, isolated task. If the story is in your head, only you can write it. It is not going to miraculously write itself, you have to sit down and spends hours, weeks and months of your life writing.
  3. Doubts set in. “I’m not a good enough writer,” or “the story is not good enough.”
  4. There is little “immediate reward.” After an initial purge of thought, the story can take a very long time to look like the final product.

Most new writers may feel some of those thoughts at some stage in their writers’ journey. The key is to understand that you will have these moments and you need to make the decision to fight and continue on, or, be one of the 95% who decide to stop.

Even if you stop, remember nothing is wasted. It is all part of the learning process. It is not a failure to give up that first attempt.

My advice would be to believe in yourself. Be determined to be one of the 5% who do complete their first novel. If, it turns out, you’re not happy with that first story, start your second, then third.

The fact you started a novel means you are a writer and you have stories to tell, so write.

I am one of the 5%! If I can do it, anyone can…

Are you currently writing your first novel or, are you one of the 5% who finished their first?

Do you have multiple unfinished stories sitting on the bookshelf? How much did you get through before you stopped? Will you go back and complete it one day?


Lisa Flaus


One comment on “Beat the odds! #amwriting

  1. You have hit the nail squarely on the head, Lisa. I know i have experienced all 4 of those reasons at some point in this long process of writing my first novel and so far, I have never given it up, even when I had to stop for awhile. Now, I am more determined that ever to be one of the 5%!! 🙂

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