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The deleted chapter. #amreading

For anyone who has read my novel, 2012 The Final Revelation, I’d like to share a chapter I removed from the final edit.

It was a chapter I had to delete in order to reduce word count and make the story move faster. When you are writing a thriller/mystery you need the action to occur quickly so the reader gets caught up in the drama. Also, I should not explain what my characters look like in so much detail. I should leave the reader to imagine for themselves.

A lovely person called Cathy taught me that 😉 Thank you Cathy xox

It was, along with other sentences, paragraphs and even characters I highlighted, paused, then hit the delete button.

Oh the trauma!

This was originally Kathryn’s opening chapter. Please forgive any mistakes as this was not part of the final professional edit.

Chapter 2 (deleted chapter)

Auckland Airport, New Zealand

Wednesday, 19th December, 2012

Kathryn Scott stood watching the vast sea of humanity pass her by. The hustle and bustle of people from all walks of life, ages, cultures and characters surrounded her, in a whirl of movement, energy and life. It was almost like she had stepped into an alternative reality, standing still and quiet, while waves of colourful sight and sound danced by.

There was a constant noise, broken only by the occasional airport announcement, momentarily hushing and stilling all other sound. Soft flute music played to sooth the weary traveller and a multitude of different conversations filled her ears.

Kathryn waited.

Of the six hundred and fifty billion people on the planet earth, Kathryn Scott was just one unique soul amongst an assortment of faces, eyes, skin colors, hair styles and clothing. She was undoubtedly a fine looking woman, totally oblivious to the stares and glances of people whose eyes swept over her. At twenty four, she was a picture of health and beauty. She stood tall and graceful. She had long, wavy dark brown hair, softly cascading down her back. She had a smooth fair complexion and her face was one of perfect dimensions, but it was her eyes that stood out most of all, the colour of faded blue denim and framed with long lashes.

Kathryn was happy. She genuinely loved life and especially this time of year, a bright combination of summer, Christmas and holiday time, all rolled together. She loved her family, friends and career, and over the last few weeks, was beginning to feel the initial butterfly stirrings of new love for the man she was waiting for.

Standing on tippy toes, she darted her eyes over the crowd and caught a glimpse of him. He had finally made it to the front of the queue and was standing at the check in counter.

She watched him a while, then her eyes panned down and finally fixed themselves on a stilled baggage trolley parked beside her, overloaded with an array of brightly coloured suitcases. Her mind began to wander, thinking about the previous evening. It had been the first night they had ever spent together in their short, four week relationship. It had been as perfect a night as could be depicted in an award winning romantic movie.

“Sorry that took so long,” Peter said, coming up beside her, “there was a huge queue getting on flights!”

Kathryn felt Peter take his big hand in hers and they darted and weaved their way through the crowds, trolleys and bags, towards the departure gate. A large sign read: ‘Travellers only beyond this point.’ No sooner had they stopped, short of the roped off area, than a loud announcement boomed overhead, ‘NZ507 bound for Christchurch, boarding now at gate three.’

“Thank you, I really appreciate you driving me out,” Peter said, still clutching her hand.

“I wanted to see you off,” Kathryn replied.

“I’m sorry we don’t have time to get a coffee.” Peter glanced down at his watch.

They looked into each others eyes.

“It’s only two weeks. I’ll be back,” Peter said.

“I know,” Kathryn replied, her top teeth catching her bottom lip in a coy, shy gesture.

Peter pulled her close. Kathryn could smell his aftershave and she could hear him breath in deeply, smelling her hair.

Kathryn looked up at him and wondered if he knew what she was feeling. His eyes met hers. He knew. They kissed.

“I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too,” she said.

Peter leaned closer and whispered in her ear, “I’ll be thinking about you constantly.”

“I’ll be thinking of you too. Have a great Christmas with your family.”

“You too, I’ll ring you tonight.”


They kissed again and reluctantly parted.

Kathryn watched Peter as he made his way through security, her mind full of giddy emotion. She watched him turn to get a last glimpse of her. Peter paused and held the stare. Kathryn wondered if he had changed his mind about leaving and was going to suddenly run towards her. He didn’t. He smiled, waved and walked away out of her sight and out of her life.

Kathryn did not have the remotest idea that she would never, ever see him again.