Blog: Lisa the Ghost Hunter!

What the heck is that? Hello!

Waitomo Cave ghost.

I think I’ve found my new vocation. GHOST HUNTING! 😛

A few weeks ago I went to visit the Waitomo caves, famous for amazing glow worms. As part of that trip, eight of us stayed at the Waitomo Caves Hotel. When I told someone about it, they told me it was supposedly haunted.

My eyes lit up! Awesome!

Do I believe in ghosts? Yes. I believe in God. God is spirit. I believe in angels. I believe in the afterlife. No question in my mind there is life after death. But, is this hotel really haunted or, is it hype?

I’m an avid fan of ghost hunter and most haunted TV shows. Now I get a real live chance to try this ghost hunting lark for myself. I don’t have a thermal camera, voice recorder or those weird gadgets but I’ll take my camera along and hunt the halls at night, trying not to scream too loud.

When I arrived I felt nothing. The place is old and if there was a ghost wandering around I wouldn’t be surprised. I spoke to two of the staff and they said they had worked there for years but had never seen anything. That’s very cool they were honest about it and not trying to sell the hotel as haunted. I found that interesting. It would be a great money spinner! 😉

It was 9pm by the time we had finished our glow worm tour and had dinner. I got my camera and start taking shots. The idea was to take as many as I could and then just look for anything strange. I didn’t have to look hard.

As I walked around I kept saying: “Come on. I’m here. Please say hello!”

Even though I’m a believer, it’s important you know, I am also very analytical. So the photos I’m showing you, I’ve really thought a lot about. I looked at the scene at the time, and the before and after shots, and I simply cannot explain them.

My very first photo, looking down the stairs from our room, showed a white ball of light. I saw it immediately in my viewer, dropped the camera down and looked at the scene. Nothing could explain it. I took a second shot and the circle of light was now smaller, more defined and in a different location. I took other photos from the same location. Nothing in them.

Orb in the hallway

I whispered “Hello, thanks.”

I went outside, where everyone was having drinks, and took more photos. Lights appeared, like orbs. I thought they could be flying bugs catching the flash of my camera but some cannot be explained as they are quite a distance away and very well defined. Also, a rather large round light was very close to the side of one of the photos.

Then many others of the same scene, have no lights at all.

Unexplained lights outside

I walked to the front of the hotel entrance and took five photos. The first two show nothing, the third shows a figure in light, the last two, nothing. I didn’t notice the figure until I returned to the table and was scrolling through the photos.

What the heck is that? Hello!

Everybody looked through the view finder and we couldn’t explain it. So I immediately returned to the spot and tried to duplicate it. I couldn’t. I know people will be sceptical but I cannot explain it. What I find the most amazing, is that after I was saying “Please say hello,” the figure looks like it’s waving at me :-d

I like to think it’s my 11:11 guardian angel saying hello. Just let me believe that 🙂

What do you think?