I live in two worlds most of the time – that of my own, that of my characters… I learnt very early that, in order to write a novel, you have to ‘become’ your characters. Live them, breathe them and know them like you know yourself.  I have had an adventurous life – am an archaeologist, fallen into a tomb, and sat face-2-face with a mummy…


2012 The Final Revelation

Wow I have a cover!!

I just got my cover design. It looks so cool! Is weird that, after 5 years writing, I have a cover…  what an experience for a first time writer 🙂


I’m interested in 11:11 and meeting others who experience it. Apart from that, are there other things that we may have in common? I am currently researching it and determined to find out what it means. Why do only some people see this and other’s dont?  This may, or may not 😉 form part of my second book.