My 13th review!! Yahhh… #amwriting

It is so exciting when I check if I have any new reviews and another is there! It’s so awesome…  tears actually came to my eyes when I read it. After 6 years working on this book, I love that people are reading it (and liking it) Thank goodness! LOL 🙂

Thank you Nztebs 🙂

“I had to wait for my husband to finish this novel before I could get my hands on it, but once I did I absolutely consumed it, completing it within 30 hours of commencing reading! Ok, I wasn’t at work for the day so got in more reading time than usual, but I woke early the next day just to get it finished! From that you can obviously take that this was a fantastically engaging read. I lapped up all of the scientific (physics, astronomy, archaeology) and historic fact, which I understand to be incredibly well researched. The parts of the science that were already familiar to me (such as CMEs and magnetic fields) were explained in an easily digestible manner that any reader will be able to grasp and understand; and the parts that were unfamiliar to me, well, they made perfect sense! The 2 streams of the novel focusing on the 2 primary characters kept me turning pages to get back to each one in turn and find out what was developing. I have one question for the author – where will she be on 21st December 2012?”

The answer is I will probably be Christmas shopping…  BUT, as we get closer the time, I may decide to sit down in the basement for the day, just in case 😉  Thank you so much for your review xx


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