The Lucky 7 Club – The blogging game for authors #amwriting cc @leighkhunt

I was invited by Leigh K Hunt to join the “Lucky 7” Club. How exciting!

It is a blogging game for authors. The rules are that you must post an excerpt from one of your books it has to be seven sentences, lines or paragraphs from page 77, seven lines down.

Here is my entry, an extract from my novel, 2012 The Final Revelation.

“You have to admit it’s a curious thing. Why did the Maya end their calendar so mysteriously? With their amazing skills, was there something they could see that we can’t? What will happen on that last day?”

“It ends sometime in December this year doesn’t it?” Andrew queried.

“The twenty-first of December. It’s not long away now,” Ben said. “It would be amazing if the Codex might shed some light.”

“Could it?”

“I hope so. It would be an even greater find if it was to reveal more about what the ancients believed would happen on that end day. We don’t have much to go on. It’s such a mystery.”

Andrew looked at the stone for a long moment before responding. “It might make it clearer that nothing at all will happen on the last day, and stop all this crazy talk.”

“Or,” Ben looked at Andrew seriously, “it might confirm the calendar’s ominous message,” Ben replied.

“We have six months to find out.”


Thank you Leigh! Anyone else want to play?

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