#Writing has made me rich… #amwriting

Writing has made me rich. No, not in money but through my characters whose lives, loves, suffering, anguish and triumphs I’ve shared.

I believe, as a fiction writer, we need the ability to take a breath, close our eyes and become our characters, just for a moment.

In this way, one can step into a scene, see and experience things as if you are living it yourself. You can picture your surroundings with complete clarity, respond in conversation, act and react to events and feel emotions.

Being a writer has made me a better person. My own life is pretty darn great but I’ve also experienced amazing things through my characters. I’ve been an archaeologist, fallen into a tomb and discovered great things. I’ve been alone, in a world devoid of people, seen horror, suffered trauma and found love.

All in my imagination.

Writing has made me rich.

Lisa Flaus

Author: 2012 The Final Revelation


5 comments on “#Writing has made me rich… #amwriting

  1. I do envy you Lisa.
    I have not yet attempted to write fiction… I have enough trouble getting the courage to write my non-fiction ;o)

    But I am certain that the fiction is a more difficult discipline.

  2. Reading your novel made me rich for a week – I really lived your characters, they were so well created. I was torn between wanting to keep reading to keep living their story, and not wanting to finish the book. Do you remember me finding a spot on Wellington’s windy waterfront between meetings so I could keep reading? I hope to be enriched reading your next novel soon…

    • Awh, thanks 🙂 That brought a tear to my eye. Hang on, let’s stop and check my grammar… brought VS bought – can’t make a mistake when replying to an editor! lol!

  3. I must say that you’ve put into words what I feel about writing. It’s the ability to take a deep breath– maybe for the first time– by building worlds and people you might want to know. Great post

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