6 years to write a novel, then you wait for the reviews… #amwriting

I believe there is a comparison between creating a novel and having a child. Although I carried my little lump around for 6 years, when I held a real book in my hand it felt like my own child that I knew and loved.

I created it.

So precious, so beautiful.

Once it’s born you wait for the reviews. “So cute!” “Looks just like you!”

So, every so often, I visit my Amazon page and see if a new one has been posted. I can see the review count at the top of the page and, when the count has gone up, I freeze…

Then, I nervously scroll down and read it…

Are they going to tell me my baby is ugly?  :-O

I’ve had 20 reviews and so far, so good. When I read them I smile, say “Thank you God,” and feel happy that people liked my story. All that effort was worth it.

They think my baby is cute.

I love reading. I have always been fascinated with an authors imagination and the incredible ability to create stories. I especially love those ‘special’ books, the ones when, late at night, I’m tired and say: “Get to the end of this chapter Lisa, then you can sleep,” then I keep reading, “Just one more chapter…”

I wanted to write a story like that, a story that would be hard to put down.

Did I achieve it? I’m not sure yet. It is still early days.

Every book, even the best ones, get good and bad reviews. One day, I will receive a bad one.

It lurks there now, waiting…

Your book is ugly.

I don’t like your book.

How will I feel when I read it? I honestly don’t know. I do understand that all comments, especially the critical ones, become part of the learning process. This is my first novel and like any new author, we improve with time and experience.

I say that now, trying to sound strong!

I will let you know my reaction when it happens 😉 It will make for a funny blog!

Although a few of my Amazon reviews are from people I know, the majority are from strangers. Thank you! If you happen to be reading this, I really appreciate your feedback and for taking the time to put up a review. It means the world to me xx

Have any of you received a bad review? What did it feel like? Were you sad, angry or hurt?

What should I be prepared to feel?

Cheers, Lisa


4 comments on “6 years to write a novel, then you wait for the reviews… #amwriting

  1. Like you, I know there is one out there somewhere, waiting – but as yet, reviews have all been good!!
    It’s kinda like waiting for the other shoe to drop…


  2. Painful though they can be, bad reviews can have the weird effect of driving up sales. If you get someone riled enough that they get angry, it’s got to be better than them writing something neutral or, worse, not writing anything at all.

    Good luck!

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