2012 The Final Revelation: Press Release.


 New novel portrays apocalyptic events of 2012 as foreseen by Mayans

 2012 The Final Revelation by Lisa Flaus shares the stories of two individuals whose lives intersect in mystery, tragedy and love.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand – 2012 The Final Revelation byLisa Flaus follows two characters whose lives are transformed by a cataclysmic event in the year 2012. 

 When American archeologist Andrew Cunningham discovered a rare Maya codex, he knew immediately that he had found something significant. He soon realized that the codex was the key to understanding what would happen when the Maya calendar came to an end in 2012. While Andrew is searching for answers about what will happen on that fateful day, Kathryn Scott from New Zealandis living through it. The victim of terrible trauma, Kathryn sees and feels the 2012 events. 

 “Since civilization began, mankind has been fascinated with the end times,” Flaus says. “These legends and myths reflect man’s fear of death and his search for the meaning of life.”

 Unlike other end-of-days disaster epics, 2012 THE FINAL REVELATION is a fresh perspective for an apocalyptic tale. It relies not on explosions and action sequences, but instead is a harrowing yet uplifting examination of courage, the strength of the human will and the unconquerable power of love.

The book was written after five years of extensive research into Maya history, archeology and other topics.

2012 The Final Revelation is available for sale online at Amazon.com, Kindle and other channels.


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