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2012 The Final Revelation


Palenque, Chiapas, Southern Mexico

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011


After centuries of sleep in his tomb, the one who was named Kin’ah woke to the sound of muffled voices.

He blinked back into life and took in his surroundings.

It was dark and cold.

Filled with energy, his soul lifted skywards, soared up over the trees, and danced across the sky. He moved around then slowed his pace. He was bewildered, momentarily confused.

My home is cloaked in jungle.

Kin’ah looked down upon his city. It was ruins now, hidden amongst a thick canopy of foliage. Tropical vegetation, vines, and tree roots twisted around the once beautiful buildings, concealing them.

What has time done? He asked himself. How long have I been asleep?

His home looked so different—no longer inhabited by his people. Where the once majestic city had been was now ruins enveloped by forest. The spirit suddenly understood. Many moons had passed since his death. The age was nearing end.

The sound of laughter broke his reverie. Kin’ah searched the all consuming darkness of the jungle until he found the source, three men standing in a small clearing. The spirit stilled and watched the scene intently.

There was the one he wanted.

He knew him immediately.

Kin’ah swooped down, hovered in front of the man and inspected him.

This man has lighter skin than my own people. Kin’ah thought to himself. He is young and healthy and his body is tall and strong. His face is pleasing and his eyes are that of a warrior.

Kin’ah moved closer, surrounded the man and breathed in his being. He could feel the warm blood flowing through his veins. He could taste him. The spirit infiltrated him, mind, body, and soul.

I know you.

Finally he retreated.

You are the one.

Kin-ah watched the man’s reaction. His eyes were darting left and right, as if feeling a presence.


He has spoken.

“Yeah,” a second, larger man responded.

“This is the place.”

“We’ve only been out here two days. If we go further to the north we might find a better site.”

What language is this?

The spirit watched the man looking around, thinking. He could not comprehend the words but knew he was making a decision. Desperate, he tried to materialize and become visible.

He is oblivious to my presence.

“Bax, this is the place.”


Andu? Bix a k’aaba?

The spirit heard another voice calling. Is that his name, Andu? He tore his gaze from his chosen one and turned in the direction of the voice. Kin’ah watched as a third, darker skinned man approached. He listened as they talked unfamiliar words. He swirled around the dark man and drank his essence. He felt an elated surge of excitement. This man’s blood was his own, a direct descendent of the Maya.

This is a clear sign and confirmation.

“Afi, this is the site. Let’s get the coordinates and plot it.”

“Yes, Andu.”

“Andu,” Kin’ah whispered, trying to understand the strange language.

He noticed the dark man look around as if listening.

Did he hear me?

“Andu,” the spirit repeated.

Kin’ah saw the dark man’s eyes widen and make direct eye contact with his own.

He looked terrified.

He can see me.

Kin’ah smiled at his reaction. He bowed his head in respect then pointed toward the lighter skinned man and nodded. He moved over and knelt in front of him.

“Kin’ah in k’aaba,” Kin’ah spoke. “Lelo’ Andu u k’aaba.”


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