My third Amazon review! Whoo hoo…

2012 The Final Revelation:

“I read this book over two successive days whilst I was laid up in bed with the flu and it was a welcome distraction. A well written novel on a familiar topic but with a unique perspective and a refreshingly original storyline. The author paints vivid scenes and the characters were likeable, there was obviously some research done which was reflected in the reality of the historical settings and technical detail. As a first time author there were some minor issues in there but mainly in the first part of the book and by chapter 3 the flow and storyline really settles in. Overall an intriguing story with some real depth of character and I would read another story by this author (in fact I think there is opportunity for a sequel in there). Would recommend to anyone who likes fictional disaster, historical-based, 2012 and/or Mayan stories.”

Oh wow isn’t that so cool!!! Thank you so much “NashReader”. I wish I could sign it for you and hope you are over the flu 😀


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