What advice can you give new writers?

I was asked this interview question so I’ve copied my reply.

“I strongly advise you to find a story that is as original as possible. The idea has to excite you, the author, because once you start writing it ~ you cannot stop.  When you can’t put it down yourself, you know your readers will feel that too.

When you do find that special story it drives you. You become passionate about it. That passion reads in your writing voice and the reader hears it. Run your story idea by someone.

Then write it and finish it! Don’t give up! Repeat these words after me: ‘Yes I can!'”

Lisa J Flaus is the author of 2012 The Final Revelation available now off Amazon and Kindle. 

You can visit her at www.lisaflaus.com and check out her u-tube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-b-fI8yZB1Y&feature=youtu.be


2 comments on “What advice can you give new writers?

  1. Great insight and very true! I think the biggest issue for me is the will to keep going. The “Yes, I can!” attitude. There are so many distractions or excuses that help you procrastinate. Then, there are the demons in your head that say, “You can’t possibly do this! You’re not talented at all. What do you think you’re doing?”

    On that note, after several years, I now INTEND to finish my novel THIS YEAR! No more distractions or excuses or demons! So far, I am accomplishing the task.

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