My second Amazon review!

Wow this is exciting. I’m nervous to read reviews when they come up but received another good one. I’m sure I’ll get some bad ones and I won’t post them on my blog. ha ha

“Just finished this novel and really enjoyed it. Lisa’s book is well-researched and she weaves historic facts and background effortlessly into the story. The blending is skillful and doesn’t leave the reader with a sudden realization or an ‘Oh, she made that up part’. The intrigue and mystery carried me on a journey between New Zealand suburbia, the depths of the mexican jungle and Mexico city. At the heart of the book is the story of two people, Andrew and Kathryn, and the author never loses that thread. I can unhesitatingly recommend this book to my friends and family. Grab yourself a copy, make a coffee or brew a pot of tea and enjoy!”


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