Lisa, why did you write a novel?

I was recently asked an interview question so this was my reply.

Why did you write a novel? What got you started? What was the process for writing it?

“I have loved reading all my life. My favourite novel is Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel. I’ve read it about 20 times. When I found out the author had taken 15+ years to write this book the whole process intrigued me. Could I write a book? 

“Yes I can,” I said confidently. Yeah right, it’s harder than I thought it would be but that’s a whole other story…

In 2000 I started writing my first novel, then another. I kept stopping because, although they were good concepts, something was missing from them both, originality.  One day I may go back to them.

So I sat on the idea, pondering. I needed something unique, a story that had historical fact, mystery and, most importantly, be a page turner. I wanted to create something different from a book I pick up and know the ending before I finish the first chapter.

Then, one early morning driving to work, she came to me, my character Kathryn Scott. Soon after, American archaeologist Andrew Cunningham knocked on my door.

2012 The Final Revelation was born.

I researched and wrote for two years before I showed five people. I asked them if I should continue, if they liked the story and my writing style. They said “keep going.”  Three more years passed. It hit 120,000 words, 39 chapters. I had it reviewed by 15 wonderful people, including avid readers, a published author and two archaeologists.

I edited for one year then had it “formally” edited by an amazing Amazon editor. She said it was in good condition and that it was “one of the best works of fiction I have read in a long, long time.” (I cried when I read that.)

I tried a scattering of agents for a few months. I completely understand their “rejections”. It must be really difficult to receive so many requests from authors and judge them on a one-page cover letter. Putting my 120k word novel into summary was really challenging. Some agents receive 100’s a week. They have a really hard job and they need to filter them and find the absolute best of the best.

As my story is set in 2012, I needed it published quickly so it is now published 🙂

Six years from concept to completion. 

2012 The Final Revelation

I had a dream…


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