I’m on Amazon!

After so long, it is very strange to see my novel up on Amazon!


I have already sold copies which is amazing.

I’ve called this a “soft launch”. This is because here, in New Zealand, we are suffering from our ever worst natural disaster.  120+ people have died in the earthquake in Christchurch and 200 more are still trapped. It is inappropriate for me to mention my book right now while many of my family, friends and workmates are in the disaster zone or working on rescue efforts. New Zealand is a tight knit community and we are bonded even more now. Helping and providing support is our priority and is much more important.

Meanwhile, when I have time, I am working on the Kindle version. I will upload my u-tube book trailer and update my internet site. This is all in preparation for my official book release day. Press release goes out to 1000 places around the 10th – 13th of March.

It has to be a BIG BANG LAUNCH!  It has to make noise.

I’m finding it a little challenging to go from writing full time to marketing, sales and promotion! It’s just not my cup of tea!  It’s a whole other world. I have interviews set up. The whole journey is kind of fun … I think.  At the end of the day, I’m a writer, not a salesperson!  gack!

Oh yes, I knew “launch” day would come… I have to work harder than ever. First rule of publishing is you can’t sit back and expect miracles. You have to make them happen.

I have a dream! 2012 The Final Revelation will be a no 1 best seller. Watch me…

Love Lisa  xx


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