To hold your novel…

The courier arrived at 5pm. I signed for the package then sat and stared at the box for 2 hours…  

I needed to get into the “zone”. I wanted to remember the 6 years I had spent writing this 120,000 word novel – when the first idea came to me (remind me to tell you about that moment one day cause it’s a cool story! LOL), the formation and structure of the novel and the countless hours of research time 😉 I pondered all the late nights, tired days, weekend work, writers block, worry, reviews and edits.

I thought about what I have been saying to my friends and family for SO many years, “I have a dream. I want to pick up my own novel in my hand.”

With a deep breath I opened the box and held the book. Okay so I cried a little because that moment you live your dream, it’s heartwrenching and so rewarding. My soul is in this book. I’m not the best writer in the world but I think the story is what makes it. I made it as unique as possible. My characters are my own creation. Sometimes they feel so real. They are my best friends now, I know every inch of them. I sat them beside me when I opened it because this is their story and they have been with me the whole time, nagging me to finish it.

I think they cried too 😉

WOW! It is the best looking book I’ve ever seen. Okay, so I’m a little biased! It’s thick and heavy, the font is perfect and the cover looks amazing! 

I have a week or so before “launch”. But I can actually say now, I have lived my dream.

Well, phase one… 😉 I’ll tell you what phase two is next time xxx

Photo’s below:


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