Snippet from chapter 3

“You know I used to wonder why the Maya chose this remote location to build a city but on mornings like this, I get it,” Andrew said.

“No human can paint this kind of beauty,” Baxter agreed.

Andrew felt a familiar tinge of wonder as he looked around the site. Palenque was a testament to the civilization at its height. While Europe was still in the dark ages, the Maya were building pyramids, palaces, tombs, and temples using only Stone Age technology. For every one pyramid the Egyptians built, the Maya built ten. Countless Maya cities, ruled by kings, were scattered throughout Central and North America.

“Mesoamerican Indians…” Andrew said, “masters of their environment.”

“Imagine the thousands of inhabitants,” Baxter added, “The royals, the priests and scribes right through to the warriors, artists, traders, farmers, and slaves. I can almost hear them.”

“Ghosts now,” Andrew replied.

As Andrew and Baxter stood together, a sense of the lost, grandiose world of the Maya lingered in the air.


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